Now guys.. i really dont post this kind of things but then the situation calls for it.. and its on the general chit-chat anyway..

My question is.. how far would u ppl go for someone u love?

To the moon and back?

Scenario is this.. Boy meets girl.. Boy and girl gets a long quite well.. Boy and Girl slowly started to have somefin for eachother.. Boy falls inlove with Girl.. But Boy knows Girl has a Boyfriend..
Boyfriend knows about Boy but He doesnt know that Boy as something for his Girl.. One day Girl's Boyfriend said that He will propose to her in two weeks.. Girl gets so confused.. Girl doesnt want to loose both of them.. But Girl does want to say "yes" to Boyfriend.. Boy feels depressed about it.. Now boy wants Girl to be with him.. but doesnt know what to do.

Boyfriend rarely spends time with Girl compared to Boy.. and Boyfriend always gives Girl problems.. Boy doesnt... Girl has lots of complains about Boyfriend but Girl never has any complains about Boy...but Girl knew Boyfriend longer than she knows Boy and Girl has been goin out with Boyfriend for 18 or more months..

Boy wants Girl back.. Boy loves girl so much.. Should boy do what his heart says and try to get Girl?

Girl means everything to Boy...