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    Marx believed that society evolved through
    successive phases of development.
    He thought that "the problem of production"
    was solved during the Industrial/Capitalist
    phase, and the world was ready to move
    on to the Communist phase, where, through
    the collective owmership of productive assets,
    the "problem of distribution" would be solved.

    But I think the problem of production is never
    really solved, therefore communist economies
    fell behind through lack of research, innovation
    and initiative.

    During the Reagan arms race, Gorbachev, wanted
    to keep Russia in the Great Power game, but needed
    a more productive economy to match US spending
    on weapons. He initiated economic changes that
    led to the abandonment of communism.

    I had high hopes for them, but things are still
    not going so well after ten years of reform.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    I'm not a treky but to solve those distribution problem we'd need something like those replicators.

    I don't know the_g_nee, I think the best government is a dictatorship with an absolute legend in office. No one hates a great ruler, just his/her heir.

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