I am wanting to get a different Operating system for my computer I am really good with computers (all microsoft O.S') That is I never tryed to use linux or unix. But I really want to try to learn all Operating Systems of unix that is I have the unix bibles all the rainbow books plenty of computer manuals texts etc...My question is if I install linux can I still access the internet with(AOL) <----I know to get a real IS.P but my girlfriends friends all have AOL! I am currently running Windows 98 S.E on a 56 k connection! Can you have multi Operating systems on a home computer? I found it office depot in Y-bor had linux Redhat 7.2 for $69.00?
Or should I buy Windows XP I just wanted to see whats it about. Whats the best operating system to buy and EASY to use from the Unix family? Money is no object!