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    Hot_ice: read my thread in the *nix security discussions on winmodems.......

    PS. Dual booting will not slow down the speed of your computer
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    a question never quite touched (if I missed it, sorry) on was if you could still AOL. There are a few options...

    - dual booting with a windows os and *nix. mixed feelings posted in this thread. i've never had a problem. however, as mentioned at one point load the win-os !first!

    - using linux only and some version of an instant messanger nock-off. i can't give any names, i don't IM. sorry

    I do want to worn you of one area. Make sure of driver compatability with your system and the specivic brand and version of linux you get. Most workstarions/desktop systems are easy. Laptops are another story. Having loaded some dozen brands and models, I've never found one make and version of linus that worked on ALL of them.

    Good luck. Have fun!

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    I was not saying i want to do any gaming on linux/unix i was using it as an example and i,m very expierenced with computers not your average blow. As far as the internet my dsl supports linux so that is not a problem. I Network companys for a living just not with linux thats why i was asking about it. Because i,m sick of my computer crashing all the time. I,m from Canada and where i,m from in Canada even at the office they use Microsoft and thats everywhere i go. So i want some thing i can work on and control myself.


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    Wink Multiple OS,,

    Multiple OS is very doable... Win2K already has dual boot capacity built in to install
    prog... Just parition HD and install, for instance, Win 98 on first primary partition. Then
    install Win2K using install options, this will guide you into dual boot config..
    Also, get master booter, http://www.masterbooter.com offering support for many OS's.

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    Post Re: Linux Or Windows Xp?

    Originally posted by I am a cracker
    Money is no object!
    If this is true, try Windows 2000 Advanced Server, it has a cost of $999 at the local compUSA. Get freeBSD off of the internet too, it is free.
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    Well.... WinXP is pretty much the same at Win2k..... There are a few differences (GUI, Firewall, etc.) Wow when I first read this post I was amazed that a dedicated Windowze user (who uses AOL) wants to go to Linux... Well.. Yeah, you should go to Linux to get the feel of different operating systems... I personally reccomend RedHat 7.2 (ftp://ftp.redhat.com/pub/redhat/linux/7.2/en/iso/i386/). Linux doesnt have support for AOL itself because AOL was too lazy to make a client for Linux... But there is a instant messaging client (GAIM) so you can talk to people on AOL but not connect to the internet with it.... Im guesing your using Dial-Up and a winmodem (a modem controlled by software and not hardware) So if you decide to install Linux.... Go here and check out the links everyone posted.....

    Give a person Windows and thell have a word processor and AOL,... Give that person Linux and thell assasinat Bill Gates

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