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    I read about that in the Anarchist cookbook back in tha dizay. But that told me that as soon as it tried to read the disk in drive A: it would begin to burn, melting the disk in the drive. Of course this is theoretical seeing as how i have neer done it. I think it was theoretical when it was writen by jolly roger
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    i used to be in controll of ALL the computer when i was in school... had about 4 RATs on each machine.... thats what they get for lettin me set up all the machines, and then dicking me over and trying to tell me i cant graduate cause i diddent goto gym........

    they let me graduate after i fixed the "strange happenings", LOL

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    i used windows policy editor and disabled everything on my roommates computer. he couldn't figure out how to get any permissions back, and i left it like that for about a week.

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    more of a prank then revenge

    I remeber back in the day when I was in high school. The school had a group of 386 systems no network. I modified the autoexec of the system a certain person always used. I added the following lines:
    echo off
    echo Please insert your personal disk for verification purposes
    echo Now deleting all files
    echo all files gone
    echo Good By

    <End insert>

    Now as you can see the files where not touched but the look on his face was priceless.

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    Originally posted by s0nIc
    heheh i remember b4 in high school.. Our school network is being run by Novell... and as a security protocol of Novell, the server "locks" your account if you make 5 mistakes in logging in... so what i do is if anyone pisses me off i lock their accounts..

    I think you'll find that Telstra Bigpond still have that kind of "security." Three wrong attempts @ accessing your mail online and it shuts down for 5 hours.

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