When i made a tutorial in simple porn site hacking.. some of my friends left these comments..
Hi sonic, now when a guest to #antionline asks how to get past the porno passwords, instead of kicking them I will point them to your thread. Just wanted to thank you.

now all you need to do is post a tut on hacking yahoo / hotmail passwords :::laffin:::

Finally, I hope this post would stop dem kiddies from bugging us how to hack hotmail...

For all of u Hotmail kiddies! here it is!! now leave us alone!!!!

----Warning: The author does not encourage people to hack hotmail.. he just wants to get rid of them and tell them to stop bugging him...-----

A new technique for attacking MSN Hotmail users has been discovered, the latest in a cat-and-mouse game between Microsoft and Javascript security holes.

By adding Javascript to the "From" line of a message sent to a Hotmail user, an attacker can evade the filters Microsoft has put in place to protect the millions who rely on MSN's popular Web-based e-mail service, Newsbytes has confirmed.

Microsoft representatives said the company was investigating the new attack and declined further comment.