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    United States Goes After Deceptive Email

    Its about time, but when you make enough noise, things do get done!

    United States Goes After Deceptive Email

    Finally. The federal government has turned its unblinking, all-seeing Eye of Sauron (tm) toward deceptive email practices and will soon begin prosecuting individuals who use email spam to fool consumers into spending their hard-earned cash. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that it is launching a "systemic attack" on spam and will focus on illegal pyramid schemes, Internet chain letters, and promotions that sell email-address lists. Now if the feds would just focus a bit on all the newbies who sent me party photos this week, I'd really be happy.

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    Too little too late but it's the thought that counts.
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    I'm betting on the spammers. There are ways around almost everything the government does. The methods just happen to be a bit risky.
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    What happens when the spammers are in another country other than the US?
    Whats needed is international cooperation to stop this from happening, but getting one government to act takes time, trying to get several to act is nigh on impossible.
    Least it is a step in the right direction.

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