hello cheeseball i just tried out the example which u specified in your tutorial...
well i tried out ...

.model small

db msg "Hello everyone!", "$" ;message we are storing (msg)

main proc
mov ax,SEG msg ;move the segment address of msg into ax
mov dx,OFFSET msg ;move the offset of msg into ax
mov ds, ax ;mov the SEG of msg into DS
mov ah,09h ;calling function 09h
int 21h ;of interrupt 21h (this displays the string stored in msg)

mov ax,4c00h ;put 4c00h into ax
int 21h ;interrupt 21h, return to DOS
main endp

end main


but on assembling it with masm it is giving me following errors...

----------------- errors----------------

Microsoft (R) Macro Assembler Version 6.11d
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1981-1995. All rights reserved.

Assembling: try.asm
try.asm(8) : error A2006: undefined symbol : msg
try.asm(9) : error A2006: undefined symbol : msg
try.asm(4) : error A2206: missing operator in expression


requesting to pls help me...

thanking u ....