I found a review of the Lindows OS preview.... Apparently the OS is easier to use than other versions of Linux, and most of the "weird" and seldom used applications delivered with other distros are removed. As some of you have seen of the screenshots Lindows resembles Windows, and the developers have tried to make the interface easy to use for Windows-users. So this could be a threat to the Windows regieme.

However, what we all want to know is will Lindows be able to run all Windows applications? The preview didn't work too good, and it's not very compatible with Windows. But remember this is an early version. To all you gamers out there: The Lindows developers' first goal will be to get the well-known desktop applications for Windows working, such as Lotus Notes and MS Office. You can't blame them, that's where the mony is. And you should keep in mind that making a 100% windows compatible OS is one hell of a difficult job, so what these guys need is time and money. (And of course, Coca-Cola is the programmers fuel... )

Why didn't I give you a link to the review? It's not in english.