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Thread: PC boot process

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    This is great i always wanneth to know the process the pc goes thru when booting up.

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    thanx for such a info. well today's my first logon on this site..and i got all abt boot process.
    hoping to get more from u chaps...!

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    great post man keep it up good info...thanks...to u rcgreen...
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    Great info.
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    evrybody right

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    Anyone have an idea of how the PC post test and the Mac post test differ? I would guess that the Mac one would be a little simpler because of all the proprietary hardware. Don't get me wrong Iím no Mac fan just curious.
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    This is really great stuff! I always wondered about the boot process right down to the 1's and 0's, but even some of my well-seasoned programming teachers did not tell me this Keep em' coming!

    cwk9, I have the same question too, but it may go one step futher (And I am gonna go on a search cuz now I am curious): Not just how the MAC boots, but what about RISC or SPARC based machines? I only heard very scketchy details about them, since 99% of all machines are x86 based. Also, does the MAC and Amiga share the same processor architecture, or are they totally different?

    Anyway, great stuff

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    its a good post BRO !!!!!!!!
    it will likely be a good source in explaining how pc Boots..
    well anyway its still a good source
    thanks guys!!!!!

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