I was just thinking: "When is the law broken in cyberspace?"
Is it e.g. illegal to do portscans?

I came to think of this when I was surfing through some big Internet-firms website and my IDS made a back flip... I was flickering as if all the world's scripts kiddies were DoS'ing me (I really hate this type of IDS'es and have now uninstalled it).

So how much may the firms make their servers automatically do and how much can we do?
U can say: "Well why make a portscan if u aint gonna try and break into that persons box?"
and that's partly true but what if some1 were scanning for FTPs or something...

I personally think it's because of this great confusion about Internet law that it's so hard to stop computer criminals... And the Internet can't, and musn't be controlled (no country owns it) so how can all these problems be solved???

whatta u guys/gals think?