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    They could be self-full-filling.. they could be a warning. They could be a number of things but I suppose it's all based on how some one interprets it and what they view it as.

    The chanche that things happen are a little higher when some1 says that they are going to happen then when no1 said they are going to happen. Cause there's always 1 that wants them to happen
    - I agree with you there, good point.

    (real dead ~ symbolic dead) only coincidence?...?
    - Hrm.. the thing about stuff like this (and other things) is that which ever view point you have, you still need to keep an open mind to other possibilities.


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    I agree on the open mind option,
    What are the other possibilities?

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    Originally posted by VictorKaum
    I agree on the open mind option,
    What are the other possibilities?
    Well nothing in particular that i can think of at the moment..
    just anything in general.


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    for my story about the death of a relative? (it has happened so I'am not joking)

    1) I had a dream about her death and it was fullfilled (magic thinking) so I 'killed' her...

    2) It was just coincidence and meant nothing

    3) I had some pre-feeling that something was wrong

    4) She was dying and thought about me (magic thinking) so I met her in my dream one last time.

    5) The phone was ringing during my dream and a phone in the middle of the night is most of the times bad news. So the end of my dream was bad.

    6) It was a real prophecy

    7) ...

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    I'd say it was 7) ...


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    there is a great possibilities that the paranormal do exist. as what they discovered in planet mars recently there is a living microorganism in which can produce life. in many years ago, scientist beleives that we came from one tiny living organism and through the process of evolution it created a life form and then created us humans (charles darwin's theory of evolution).
    therefore, if there is a living organism in the planet mars or any other planet in the solar system or the big time universe; there is a great possibilty that alien do exist or the so-called paranormal do exist.
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    I believe in aliens: Universe is too big not to support more life.

    I believe in ghosts: There have been too many sightings for it not to be true, though I don't think I'll ever actually see one. I also hope not too.

    I believe in the loch ness monster: Again, too many sightings for it to be unreal. No one has explored that lake very well, and there may be hidden underwater caves. And we already know that some animals, like alligators, have been around since pre-dinosaurs so why not Nessie too?

    I believe in God: I'm mentioning him cause at times he really seems paranormal. After all, his existence has never been proved.

    I dont believe or disbelieve in Atlantis, Stone Henge, Easter Island or any of that stuff: Odds are that some of those things have a weird origin but it'll never be proved, and either way I don't really care.

    I believe in government cover ups: But not necessarily Area 51. It's probably some military testing ground where the accidentally created a mutant of something.
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    I also believe in aliens: It's ignorant to think that in such an enormous universe that we're the only ones that live in it.

    I believe in ghosts: There have been too many sightings.. and I also hope not to see one.

    I don't believe in the loch ness monster: Too much media exposure.. I could be wrong though.

    I believe in God: Hrm.. touchy subject there. I tried to stay away from that one when I posted this thread. I didn't want to offend anyone or cause a flame war but I also belive in God.
    His existence has been proven.. I need no physical evidence.

    I believe in Atlantis and other similar places: Stonehenge, Atlantis and the rest of those are real places. Their existence has been proven..

    I believe in government cover ups: They always have something up their sleves. As for that mutant thing.. How did they create that and what were they testing for??


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    Just because science cant proove the existence (as yet) of say ghosts or paranormal phenomina does not mean that they do not exist.
    The same goes with aliens, for my money you would have to be a fool to say 'no way aliens do not exist', the least that should be said is ' maybe they do maybe not', because we only have assumptions no real proof - except the occasional poorly shot video. In my mind people who make absolute judgments on cases where there is no real proof - like ghosts - are closed minded individuals. Though each to their own!

    Governments the world over always make cover ups, its what they do.

    Area 51 existed, though the nature of the experiments / research there is anyones guess, you dont have massive security on THAT scale for no reason. Saw a program (I know doesn't mean its true!) that the US government moved 'Area 51' to another state because it was getting to much attention....

    Stonehenge exists! It still does to this day, clik HERE for more info! I have a link somewhere to an excellent site on stone circles, will dig it out n post it, can't find it now

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    Re: Paranormal Phenomena

    Originally posted by Remote_Access_
    Greets everyone. I was wondering something.. what's your view on the paranormal?
    Do you believe in the paranormal? Do you think such things as aliens, UFOs, ghosts/Polergeists, vampires, and other strange entities exists? What do you think really happened in Area 51? Here's a few links that may be of interest to you..but then again, may be not. We all have different views and opinions. I'd like to hear what your opinions and views are on the paranormal. Remote_Access_
    Good post RA ! Its an interesting subject worth discuss more.

    Just because many things cant be explained its not a fact that paranormal phenomen exists, but in another hand. Strange things do exist and Im not sure how to classify all strange things in our world. So let's say that I'm a curious watcher just waiting for proof that its something more then we out there .

    What about: PSI, ESP, Telephaty and the human brain!? What are people capable of and whats true fiction!?


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