Total Newbie on exploits so sorry (I tried searching but couldn't find a topic)
Now If I understand this correctly Exploits are code written in either C or Shell that exploits a vulnerability on a server that (depending on what exploit) can give you root or super admin access.
I know where to get them.

The problem I'm having is how to execute them
I mean take a exploit in C (ntpd-exp.c)
How do i execute it on a vulnerable server?

Don't I have to have some access to the server (I mean wouldn't I have to log into the server to run it)?

Lets say I don't have access to the server (I don't have an account on it)
How would I exploit it (or run the exploit to get access)?

Maybe I'm missing something here?

How does Shell (a shell account) play a roll in exploits. How can I connect to a Target server with my shell account and run a exploit from there (say I wanted to run an exploit on a system I don't have access to. How would I get access to the target server to run it) ?

So confusing.

Where can I get help? or is someone willing to help a new b who just wants knowledge.