In an article discussing privacy issues here is a excerpt about the x10 camera from SecurityNewsportal(i'd include their address but it was given as, really concerned about privacy) i think you'll find amusing.

First let's look at the company's subtly
lurid appeals to the porn fan in all of us. X10's ads get a lot of attention
because they almost always
feature attractive young women looking seductive. Seductive as defined by
cheap bottom-feeding smut sites, at least. What is it about wireless cameras
that X10 so associates them with young women in spaghetti-strap tanktops?
Consider a recent ad
that features a young blonde posed seductively among pillows in a cotton
nightgown with the message, "I use it to capture special moments on video."
Uh huh. Even the accompanying image of someone claiming "I use it for home
security" features a teenage girl in a tanktop, about to bite into a
succulent peach.
If X10 were selling home security, we'd see images of
burglars caught and of nervous middle-aged suburban homeowners, not
fruit-licking jailbait.
With a Peep, Peep Here
Of course, using cameras to capture "special moments" is all well and good.
But when the main selling point of this brand of tiny wireless camera is
that it can be placed unseen by those observed, an eyebrow or two must be
Speaking of voyeurism: Shot
of a house, at night, with lights on and drapes open. Superimposed over
that image, attractive woman in midriff-baring strappy tanktop, lost in her
own world, perhaps dancing, thumbs slipped seductively into her belt. The
tempting caption: "See what you've been missing." The probable excuse:
It's for watching your own home, for security purposes. The
justified response: Yeah, right.
Here's one:
Attractive woman in bikini top, apparently unaware of the camera looking up
at her from somewhere below her waist. Caption: "Expect to see the
unexpected." Expect to get your voyeuristic butt arrested, Skippy.
Eye Spies
So you're misled to think that a visit to the company site will give you
lots of soft-core porn stories of secret videotaping of sexual
misadventures. You get over your disappointment and what do you read
about? Here are a few X10 ideas of spies like us:
the student who catches his roommate invading his privacy -- an irony that
passes without notice on the site;
the retiree who electronically stakes out his cherry tree to see who's
stealing the fruit;
the "Graffiti Cam";
the father and sons who terrify the returning wife by dropping a "web" of
fake spiders on her, then grab her from behind -- all caught on the spy
cam for later laughs;
the sad sack who "gets a life" by setting up the remote camera so he can
watch his pet goldfish when he's away from home; and -- drumroll, please --
the mother who sets up a spy camera to catch her kids and husband drinking
milk straight from the carton.
If I'm living in a world in which tiny cameras are sold with voyeuristic pop-up come-ons and
family members furtively gear their homes with elaborate spy technology to enforce such
regulations as not drinking milk from the carton, government spying might
actually be a relief.