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Thread: Im confused

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    the FCC doesent have any regulations on that, its not there jurisdiction.

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    LC3 is illegal when you have a password hash on your system that you don't own. If you only have LC3 installed: it is a legal "network auditing tool".

    So if you really want to do bad things: never store password hashes on your HDD.

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    hey dontcha know...

    "LC3 is the latest version of the award-winning password auditing and recovery application, L0phtCrack. It provides two critical capabilities to Windows network administrators:

    LC3 helps administrators secure Windows-authenticated networks through comprehensive auditing of Windows NT and Windows 2000 user account passwords.
    LC3 recovers Windows user account passwords to streamline migration of users to another authentication system or to access accounts whose passwords are lost."


    and if ya didn't know LC3 is corporate and big corporate at that...the original LC writer pieter zatko joined the board of @stake couple of years ago...and took his code with him..and "repositioned" it from hacker tool to auditing tool...course it's both...but i can stab you in the eye with my dinner fork...but you can't make forks illegal just cause i'm a bad guy...

    so is LC3 illegal?...nope...you can buy it for 249 bucks...

    btw...LC3 is also recommended by sans.org as an auditing tool...to defend against attacks using LC3...funny
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    Go read up on US Code 2512. They are illegal to process and use. It all depends upon the US Attorney General's Office if you get locked up or not.

    Basically, if some federal prosecutor who has a dick up his/her ass and wants to put you behind bars, he/she will have the power to do so. Or if somehow, you managed to piss off one of these people, I would feel sorry for you to get locked up for possessing a hacking tool.

    I have nothing against prosecutors in general, but I do think it is a flawed law that is on the books. And according, if the government wants to charge you with it, they can. There is nothing illegal about selective enforcement of the laws.

    Becasue according to US Code 2512, Sub7, BO2K is illegal to possess and use.

    My two cents.

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    Thanks Sparky

    Originally posted by sparky3223
    Go read up on US Code 2512. They are illegal to process and use. It all depends upon the US Attorney General's Office if you get locked up or not.
    Thanks Sparky. I kind of figured that. My home state (TN) is the same way. Ie...We have no self defence laws in this state nor justified homicide or extinuating circumstances. They leave it to the DA to persue it or not based upon intent and ability to procecute. Now they have repealed the Computer Crimes Act in the state and mandated it to federal guidelines. I don't like this because it is to broad. Say for example I was just goofing around the local colleges FTP site and got /root. Well under this new law I could be classified as a terrorist. That gives them way to much power IMO.

    Anyway, Thanks for the info and USC code.
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    Sparkys right. It is all in the "eye of the beholder" Especially in this day and age. With all the antiterrorism going around, youwould probably get in trouble for it. Especially if you didn't have it licensed. I am sure that if someone wanted to prosocute you for it, they could, even without 2512, because they would say that you were carry munitions that could be used in an act of terrorism against the united states. Now that hacking is terrorism. Then again, they could probably find a way to lock you up for using Linux.....

    Anyway, when it comes to the feds, its always guilty until proven innocent. So how are you going to prove that you didn't use those programs in any illegal way. Unless your employer paid for the program, and you can prove it, you are pretty much out of luck. At least that is how I see it.
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