The reason is here Remote..he stated his strategy in a pm that larryjs posted here:

this is the jist of it:
Antihaxor and Remote_Access_ are both useless neophythes with no real knowledge in their little minds. Firstly Im nearly green I got allies to larry and they exceed that of anti'haxor' [gay name a.] and Remote-Access_ the biggest waste of time this forum ever came across.

Im gonna make everyone think Im a nice guy larry, Im moving in slowly Cosmos first then Newbie then maybe General but I will own this site soon you sad pathethic...ah who cares Im winning this war!

P.S your antipoints are worth 0, yes 0 they make no difference to an antipoint balance, sorry to ruin your parade fool woo you are my easiest enemy at any of the many forums I have ruined.

I retrack my prior statements to you Hamlet.