...shocks me....

Here am I trying to make a contribution and somebody leaves this little message in my antipopint box....

Ltes see if your "allies" are as prepared to give your sorry ass greenpoints as I am to give you red. I will not let your sorry ass ruin this board...so leave FAGGOT
Spell lets correctly next time.

"allies", dont you get it I have no allies, the fact that you believe me is amazing, who would ally with a neophythe who began his days here annoying people?

I am not here to ruin the board.

FAGGOT - Homophobe, welcome to 2002 and please leave your ignorance at the door.

Sorry to anyone who didnt want to see that but well this 'person' should be exposed surely?
If you agree I would appreciate some green points as he gave me lots of red and he is going around giving out red to everyone as revenge just so he can give me some.

So if you noticed red points lately it was a user called larryjs who is messing us about.

Thanks for reading.