have anyone tried the new 5.0 of sygate firewall pro, it is soposed to have:

Application-Based Intrusion Detection System
Protocol Driver-Level Protection
Dynamic Intruder Shunning
Anti-IP & Anti-MAC Spoofing
Application DLL Authentication
Firewall Termination Prevention

i have used the wall sence the early beta, and i wonder can this wall take som punches and stay upp?

it sounds great that they have anti ip & mac spoofing, but i read that the program radomizes the cintent in the packets so that there is no 2 same packet to resend,

i am on the ntework SBB (sydkraft bredband) a cable tv network with 512kbps down and 256 upp.

And i have alarm that tell of macspoofing and under the hole time the under the beta, it alerted me off illegal gatway and ip tracing?? something.

whats your take on this wall and what it doess


http://www.sygate.com/swat/products/pspf_ov.htm check the detail or PR if you like to call it that.

on http://www.sygate.com/swat/products/pro/whatsnew.htm is the entire list.