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    i read o book on the implications of teleportation think about it if crimnals got a hold onf one drug trafic would increase murders theft etc i dont think even if they made one they would relases it just think about it its just to dangerous

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    Ever see the film "The Fly"? Imagine the mistakes that will undoubtedly happen. Especially during teleportations infancy.

    Also imagine the consequences if somebody, (say a terrorist), interupted a transfer of any thing (or person) like the way radio waves can be jammed. What would then happen?

    Suffice to say that I would be very reluctant to make use of such technology, especially for any living thing.
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    Sounds like fun. I'd like to see the advances we'd make when we could just teleport to where we want. The telephone did tonnes for Humanity, the Internet has done more, just imagine when we can instantly be anywhere we need to be.

    Incredible stuff. Thanks for posting it.
    Chris Shepherd
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    CLxyz as well as the_g_nee are right, military reasons always speed scientific research & any new invention can (will) be turned to help in wars.
    garathjax: I think I have heard of this quantum teleportation thing before too so I didn't read 100% of the_g_nee's post, but I don't think this is that kind of technology that it could be jammed?
    Also a terrorist couldn't get their hands into this kind of device, it would be better protected than nuclear weapons nowadays.
    And if you do need a receiver then beaming a bomb into one's bathroom is not an option, unless the shower acts as a teleport... ;-)



    "Where," said Ford Prefect quietly, "does it say teleport?"

    "Well, just over here in fact," said Arthur, pointing at a dark
    control box in the rear of the cabin, "Just under the word
    `emergency', above the word `system' and beside the sign saying
    `out of order'."

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    Cool HHGG

    Quote from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:

    And what about matter transference beams? Any form of transport
    which involved tearing you apart atom by atom, flinging those
    atoms through the sub-ether, and then jamming them back together
    again just when they were getting their first taste of freedom
    for years had to be bad news.

    Many people had thought exactly this before Arthur Dent and had
    even gone to the lengths of writing songs about it. Here is one
    that used regularly to be chanted by huge crowds outside the
    Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Teleport Systems factory on
    Happi-Werld III:

    Aldebaran's great, OK,
    Algol's pretty neat,
    Betelgeuse's pretty girls,
    Will knock you off your feet.
    They'll do anything you like,
    Real fast and then real slow,
    But if you have to take me apart to get me there,
    Then I don't want to go.

    Take me apart, take me apart,
    What a way to roam,
    And if you have to take me apart to get me there,
    I'd rather stay at home.

    Sirius is paved with gold
    So I've heard it said
    By nuts who then go on to say
    "See Tau before you're dead."
    I'll gladly take the high road
    Or even take the low,
    But if you have to take me apart to get me there,
    Then I, for one, won't go.

    Take me apart, take me apart, You must be off your head,
    And if you try to take me apart to get me there,
    I'll stay right here in bed.

    ...and so on. Another favorite song was much sorter:

    I teleported home one night
    With Ron and Sid and Meg.
    Ron stole Meggie's heart away
    And I got Sidney's leg.

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    hehe thats a quality book the whole series is hehe but neway name one thing that hasnt been army funded take the internet for eg that was military funded its cause the army always needs the uperhand on the other army so ohh well when they need a cure for cancer thats when we will get it

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    Angry Good ole' USA

    Just leave it to Uncle Sam to find a way to use this new technology for death and destruction.....if it ever exists.

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    Actually i think that teleportation is a myht for very simple reasons:

    1 imagine you'd want to teleport a bottle of watter, let's say 1liter, that is 1l * 6.022 141 99 x 10^23 * 5 (ie the volume of watter* the number of atoms in it * their location in 4 dimension at least) let's call that number bigA
    well bigA is too big for any computer to hold right now.... that would be 2.94 10^24 kilobytes
    way too big to hold right now .... and that is just for one liter of water imagine what it would take for your 87kg.... simply impossible

    2 let's imagine that you could hold such amount of data... now how does the other side knows what are the relationship between the atoms .... i mean is the H2O in water/ice/vapors ? so got to add that too.... BUT doesit have to be in H2O ? couldln't be HO+H
    hey ? so you got to add datta about each layer of e- for each atoms .... that is not possible witht the most comon element so imagine what it would take for something like flesh and bones ....

    ps i might be of a couple of millions in 1) but i think that the error is well within the 10% i mean 10^23 .... there is no name for that ....

    but i wish i could teleport to my bed right now and have some breakfeast meet me their too...
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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