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Thread: Too many acounts!

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    Re: passwords

    Originally posted by CyberSpyder
    I think that is infesable to change all of your passwords each month and keep them unique while remembering them all.
    Not if you use the same formula each month.

    A password relative to the date or such. It's not hard, you just have to be inventive.
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    I agree Korp, this is how I usually do it.

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    Actually, there are pcmcia fingerprint scanners available for laptops. You can program different passwords into them to be associated with your fingerprint so that different applications can be separately authenticated and it doesn't have to be centrally controlled by your IS dept...this gives you the flexability to use it for personal apps, such as bank transactions, as well as for business, even if your employer hasn't funded biometric authentication deployment.

    There are other solutions to the "single sign on" dilema/desire, including smart cards and USB port "token" rings.

    Here's an article that I had bookmarked that appeared about a year ago (I just checked and it's still there):

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