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    Originally posted here by akanicknick
    Hey that is pretty nice,
    May I ask you a question rite now?
    What do you think the best firewall is for personal use? (Your personal Favorite)
    I would answer your question akanicknick, but since us black people shouldnt consort with you and your superior race, I'll share my knowledge with those who arent as superior as you. btw **** YOU!!!!

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    WebTrends Firewall Suite running against a Checkpoint Firewall
    Just finished my own install & setup of this, (in a dev enviroment). so far, smooth running - no hiccups. going through QA/QC tests next week, & then live @ the end of the week. i'll let you know if there are any problems.

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    ipchains and iptables for me


    and a porkupine forwarding setup....
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    About Sygate, is there a free version of version 5 pro? Cause the versions 4.x where always free for personal use but they gave probs with Win2K workstations when wake-up from stand-by. So i donwloaded the version 5 and tested it on a box, now it seems that you can only use this version for 30 days? cause it's the pro, but I never wanted the pro! I only needed a fix for my win2K error... so perhaps I will stick with version 4.x or Tiny.
    Any comments?
    I've got the Sygate Personal Firewall Pro 5.0 and when the 'update signature' failed, I wrote them an email asking when updates go out for signatures and new versions (which might have your 2000 fix) and they replied back saying they haven't set up the patches/signature updates yet and will be done soon. Don't know when that really is though.

    Sygate 5.0 is pretty good although I'm having a problem every now and then with debug.log and tralog.log having 'too little space allocated'. Since windows handles all 'swapping' and space allocation, I'd think it wouldn't be an issue but I guess it is.
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