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Thread: Free ISP?!?!?!?

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    Hey squall, i have an endless list of RAS and DUN.....I used to spam out the GodMessage VBS Exploit... So I infected a great number of computers. Some of the RAS dont work any more cause its been a while. But Alot of them do. PM me and I will hook you up.PM me with your city and state.
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    here is some free internet for Massachusetts,New Hampshire, Rhode Island folks..
    there isn't a lot of access #'s listed but if you are lucky , there'll be a local number for you.
    this is a free service being offered by G4 Communications.. no strings, no banners.
    http://www.freedialup.org (access #'s are listed on the site)
    (a clip from their site)

    FreeDialup.org is a complimentary service from G4 Communications, an ISP provides high speed Internet access lines, web hosting services, server collocation and wholesale services including dialup service.

    Currently our service area includes Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. We have excess capacity on our modem pools, and instead of wasting that capacity, we decided to open those modems to the public to provide free internet web access. This decision was based because of many ISPs going out of business and leaving their customers out in the dark, and our service can provide a temporary solution to these users so they can still connect to Internet and find their selves new ISPs. Using this free services is very easy:

    Find a modem access number from the numbers list.
    Setup a new dialup networking connection.
    Use any name, any password to connect. (end of clip)

    ok, now this is sorta related to the MA dummy dun info that I alluded to in my post above.
    in addtion to the numbers liisted at freedialup . These other access #'s also seem to work.
    (any user name any passwd)
    ma dummy duns
    All of these are currently up and surfing:
    Lexington 781 863 0304
    Waltham 781 899 9992
    Lexington 781 275 0331
    Lexington 781 382 8422
    Newton 617 965-6857

    too bad I don't live in MA or CA.. but that's ok.. i've got my share of Dun's from not0,junko,usexpress,address .. and a few others

    if anyone is interested in getting registration duns or learning how to dun not0 or junko
    (pretty much covering all 48 states as well as canada) let me know, I'll be glad to share.
    I'd post the info but i'm not sure of the policies of this forum concerning talking about dunning.
    I mean it ain't really stealing but it was enuf to scare the admins of the host of certain forums i frequent .. when UOL threatened legal action.. (it was total bull.. they were trying to intimidate folks trying to restrict free speech and learning )

    the good dunning forums now have restricted access but there are some new ones popping
    up with much of the same info ..and i am willing to post links for them if the admins here won't mind.

    well sorry for the babbling.. let me know if i can be of any help.. if I can get even just one
    person here to stop paying for AOHELL.. then i will consider this mission a success..

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    hehe.. I felt like bumping this post.. why you say ?

    1. it's one of the first threads I ever posted to.
    2. I got some requests for info on free dialup.
    3. to let others know that I "may" be able to help them with free dialup. (in the USA)

    however, since this was posted, most of the california "dummy dun" numbers
    probably are dead.. but that freedialup.org still offers a straight dun connection.

    Currently G4 service area includes Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. This service is made possible due to excess capacity on our modem pools as well as to support our local community where we do business.

    if other's have need of a free dialup.. (and I'm not talking about using juno's or netzero's software and their bandwidth stealing banners) Or you need dialup as a backup.. then feel free to send me a private message.

    and yes.. I'm a happy dialup user.. over 4 yrs now.. haven't paid a cent.

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