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    PM Updates

    Greetings All:

    Now, when you bring up the page to send someone a new message, you should notice a link that says: "[verify user is accepting PMs] "

    Just make sure you have a username specified under "Recipient:" first, then click the link.

    This will let you make sure that the user allows PMs to be sent to them, that their PM inbox isn't full, and any number of other things that would stop your message from going through, BEFORE you waste all sorts of time typing up the letter.


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    Now this is a great feature, nothing is worse than writing a message only for the user's mail-box to be full!

    Thanks again JP.

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    somthing a lot of email companys could use with im sick of writing emails just to have their inbox full but do u get en email saying its full no then u start writing abusive messages and then they get like the last one then abuse u back but ohh well good idea jp

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    Hello JP!

    Good day to you! Wow! Another added feature that contributes to the site's functionality Thanks! Keep- up the Good work =)

    A Blessed day to everyone =D
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