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    big fan of Homesite. pretty much nothing you can't do with it. also a big fan of Textpad.

    BBedit is ok. just never fell in love with it though.

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    big fan of Homesite.
    yep..it's always winning editors choice awards....homesite is CF Studio's little brother...both made by allaire...before macromedia bought them...

    i can't wait to get me hands on Macromedia ColdFusion 5 UltraDev 4 Studio (could they have picked a dumber name...

    they've rolled CF Studio into ultradev which should make it kickass...
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    WYSIWYG....no way. I tried Dreamweaver, it had too many options for me, its sometimes easier to do a simple command in html than using dreamweaver. For all who think html is a programming language, it is not. It is a formatting standard. To edit html, i use any text editor readily available. So if Im on linux, windows, or mac, I can still create web pages. Tell me any wysiwyg that can do that.
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    NoteTab Pro (http://www.notetab.com )! An excellent multi-purpose text-/HTML-editor with many features and an easy but powerful scripting language. Free NoteTab Light is almost as good but haven't got syntax highlighting.
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    for windows: intermania htmlpad... http://www.intermania.com/htmlpad/index.html
    for linux: Advanced editor... same as notepad but with syntax highliting...

    So I use Advanced editor most...
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    I agree, advanced editor is *almost* perfect. I use it all the time for development (mainly when I'm programming in Perl or PHP), it's quick to load and hasn't crashed yet (unlike every editor (WYSIWYG or not) that I've used in Windows!).
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    MATRIX Y2k it's an awsome html editor get it at www.digitalice.com

    I think it's the best editor around and it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thumbs up

    mostly i use notepad because of its fast loading time. other times i use Crimson Editor. it has a nice GUI.

    thats all

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    Talking A lot of variation

    It seems that you just have to go with what you are used to and can work well with. I prefer using a mix of wisywig and text editor.

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    even tho am prolly going to get flammed for this am afraid I still use frontpage for the main bulk of site and then fiddle with the code a bit myself....i used to write all my own html in notepad but i find it too time consuming now and only edit it myself to add the finishing touches etc


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