Now, Currently I know most of you are basically people curious to learn about the mystical skill that is hacking.. Not many people are capable to do it... Even less people will ever learn how to do it... And I have started a project to bring down the barrier..

Hacking is a extreme skill.. Something to be proud of.. The true hackers really do not boast all that much. For they know if they do, they have a high risk of getting caught.. Now, This is a problem.. You cant learn hacking without worry of getting caught on what you have done to be able to learn.

(Whoa thats a mouth full)

Basically I have personally went out and bought some computers and operating systems.. (EVEN OS/2 WARP) hahaha.. These servers will be online for the purpose to be hacked. They only will contain data on what the IP is of the next server.. This is the project of the "InfoDelia Hacking Group" Once a person is accepted into the group. They will be put into a smaller group.. (Usually 5- 10 people) this group will work together as a team to hack servers.. This will range from defacing websites on a poorly admined user account. to gaining root on a LINUX box...

None of which is the least bit illegal.. Hacking now becomes a game of challenge and wit..

The next signup for InfoDelia Hacking Group will begin on March 1st 2002

Keep an eye on the Internet Security forum in "InfoDelia Culture" that is accessable from the main site

I just offer this to allow others to expand their knowledge.. and become l337...

l8r ..