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    free agent incident? explain what happened.
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    Each server will be located at a different place across the country. no similarities in IP
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    free agent incident? explain what happened.
    Guy named FreeAgent came and said he owned a site and wanted us to test its security. Some people did, but some e-mailed the company. Company doesn't know about the guye and gets pissed at FreeAgent for lying. JP gets mad, boots FA, calls everyone an idiot and closes the thread.
    Why am I still here?

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    Evilseed I'll be looking forward to that I need a challenge. I basically want to know what I can do. Lemme know when that gets up and running.

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    Thumbs up

    This is a nice Game i hope there's a room for a novice like me

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    haha..i'm supposedly part of this i.h.g group. What happened to making a website for i.h.g? I mean you are the leader of this right evilseed? What other alias to you go by on ihg? I seem not to be in contact with you... so yea...pm me!
    script language=\"M$cript\";
    function beginError(bsod) {
    return true; }
    onLoad.windows = beginError;

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    A learning game sounds like a GOOD thing...

    bye the way www.tp2.be (mine) is free for hacking too..
    (if it's online)
    the only catch... U have to tell me how the **** you came in....
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
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    IHG doesnt hack other peoples websites..
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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