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    Originally posted here by zigar
    hmmm...i've always been under the impression that cracking was more along the lines of cracking was what you did to progs...hacking was what you did to computers, systems...

    is not so...???...
    NO, is not so

    1) Original use of those terms:

    - hacker: some1 who knows a lot about computers, and knows holes in systems, is able to explore them
    - cracker: some1 who does malicious things, like defacing websites...
    - software cracker: some1 who cracks software, makes keys for software, etc...

    2) Today many ppl use the terms wrong:

    for them:
    - cracker = hacker
    - cracker = software cracker

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    all right...beers on me.. ...backups running, windows is patched...till tomorrow anyways...av is uptodate...i'm outta here...
    I used to be With IT. But then they changed what IT was. Now what I'm with isn't IT, and what's IT seems scary and weird." - Abe Simpson

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    Yeah, I agree. I came to this website with the intent to learn more about securing my server and improving on my programming skills.
    As with most forum-based websites, it does have it's problem, with people misinterpreting the subject matter of this website and asking silly questions (why are the so mad of using /\S<11 to it's fullest?) but it is a great website. I have to say though, there are maybe two dozen people in here who are actually veteran hackers and the majority of people (including myself) are just trying to catch up. People like VictorKaum and Ennis and EvilSeed make this website what it is. It's the members that make the website.
    That's all I have to say,
    (Please don't flame me with rants and raves of "Where the Hell is my name"!)

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