Trend Micro Medium Risk Virus Alert: VBS_NUMGAME.A

VBS_NUMGAME.A is a VBScript worm that propagates via MAPI by sending itself to every address listed in the infected user's address book. The email that this worm arrives in, is as follows:

Subject: Are you (Name) my valentine?

Message Body:
Hi (Name) my valentine, remember me? I ain't seen you in ages! Anyway, check-out and play the attached guess-the-number-game to guess who I am. See you soon, bye-bye!
Attachment: GuessGame.html or GuessGame.vbe

Upon execution, this worm deletes several files and folders in the c:\ drive and network drives.
The worm also tries to engage the infected user in a number-guessing game.

You can get more information regarding this worm from the Trend Micro Web site here.