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    Hey everyone Ive posted this before a while back but im gonna do it again cus i see some questions arising.

    Basicaly alot of you are asking how to learn about security..... and i think the best way to learn security is by experience and "hands on"..... most people cant afford to buy alot of boxes and network them with multiple OSs and such

    Ive found VMWare to make this very easy, u can run multiple virtual machines on one box.... u can have them all networked together and actualy try to gain access from one to the other.... great way to learn your security flaws on your system also.

    You can run services and not even have them up on the net but test them using one of your virtual machines.

    VMWare is available for NT/2000/XP and Linux , sorry no win9x......
    Its also good for die hard Win users wanting to switch to Linux, just install linux and VMWare and when u get a bit Win Home Sick just run your win Virtual Machine

    U get the best of all worlds in one

    Hope this was helpfull

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    its good but u have to crack it other wise pay like a grand but i have it on my linux box to run windows when im desprate its good get it now hehe and their isnt speed problems as of yet well hope u have fun with it as dome left out the web site

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