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    Just out of curiosity [ i know i cant spell ] i did a search for posts by lovable and come to find out everyone of the six posts were dumb as hell and the person just ended up getting flamed like 20 times in a row...I cant wait to see the next ones [ high level of sarcasim when i say this ]
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    Jehnx, sorry about your he going to be alright??

    Lovable...building trust requires earning it, not posting trust me guys!!

    That being said how can you build it? By posting solid questions/answers and offering genuine help. You may just be doing that but the human animal tends to be a cynical one so we're generally on alert when someone posts as you did.

    No offense Lovable, I truly hope you'll be an asset here.


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    uhhhhh, yeah. lovable? please post somrthing i we can all at AO learn from, not "Trust me guys." i mean, i know you are new here, but this is rediculous.

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    the dood offered to program programs for free saying it was a legit way for him to increase his skills and get practice

    look in his profile for last few post to see...

    if u ask me hes a newbie trying to look cool and if he can program its just a way for him to spread some backdoor he made

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    Dr Toker So uhmm whats the point of this post?

    Totally agree!

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    ...the funny part is he actually got profit on positive AntiPoints on this thread...

    ...hah...ironic isn't it.

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    Talking Here we go again......

    More paranoid ramblings and skeptecism....mixed with negative AO points. ....(but not from me).....

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    would you just provide the exe or the source code also??

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    Yeah lovable let us see the source code.
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    maybe we shouyldnm't slag loveable could be the next bill gates
    /me raises eyebrows


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