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    Umm.. May I know what an .rtf file is? I don't know how to open it.

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    remember Google is your friend

    Also Jreak :
    Please check on the date bar of a post, this one is almost three years old.
    This means [I think] that you had to get this from the archives anyway ?

    Bumping old threads is NOT a bad thing sometimes, but that is when you are after a specific answer, or when you have specific details to add.

    In this instance, I believe that you would have been better served by posting a new thread, with more details as to EXACTLY what it is you require ......

    We don't bite [ well, MOST of us don't ]

    To get a Google tool bar ???
    in the address bar of the google site enter 'toolbar'.
    follow the instructions, and when prompted to,
    choose 'open' not the save option.
    this will D/L AND install the toolbar for you
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