Biometrics suck, during HAL 2001 I whas at a presentation about Biometrics and we ended up discussing with PGPīs Phil Zimmerman on ways of exploiting it.
The researcher who did the presentation said that there is a 75% chance that fingerprinting can be fooled. He had some fingerprints taken from people and made some moles with wax/latex and it worked in many cases.
His research came to the conclusion that biometrics (for now) wonīt work 100%.
There would have to be a human (guard)standing at the authorization pad to see if the person isnīt using someoneīs fingerprint. Phil Zimmerman said that with the right tools, if Proactive has a couple of drinks with me, I could take off his prints from the glass and have a 75% chance of rooting his system.
I wil try and get you guys the Staroffice presentation, itīs really interesting.