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    Question AOL e-mail logs

    I have been hired by a lawyer to get e-mail logs for an AOL account. He can get a court order if I can find out how to get the logs. Any suggestions? Is there a special number at AOL that I need to call?
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    You can find out AOL info here:
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    You'll need to go straight to AOL with a court order if I'm not mistaken. What isn't on the system you'll need to access AOL's servers for and you won't be able to do that without legal backup.
    I do work with PI's and my suggestion to you is regardless of how good the lawyer is that hires you, cover your backside and know your states laws.
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    Ok...maybe it's just my Tuesday but Apocalypse when I checked out the link and my mouse hovered over the feel good jpg of people getting screwed by AOL the pop up said... images of everyday people using the internet. struck me as being funny.
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    I am a cracker
    The America Online @$$w0d$ are in there server's the logs are in ________!
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