I think drugs should be legal. this is just a thought.
i think that they should sell drugs at the store for 25 cents a serving.
the drugs should be manufactured by the government and no extra charge
to make it. all drugs should have warning lables stateing side effects directions on
how to use, what a lethal dose would be and all other things that would pertain to the general bad and good of the drug.
now this may seem like a dumb thing to do, but think of all the time money and resources that it would save. there would be no more drug dealers because who is going to sell somthing for a quarter it woild be like dealing bublegum. people would not be getting killed who were not involved in drugs. also it would save money on policing and or any kind of task force that would be used on dealing with the drug problem. also these "make shift doctors" would not be dealing drugs such as methadone to help rehabilitate the users.
now you may tink this is a dumb idea, but if someone is going to use drug they are going to whether it was legal or not and they would probably come to the same fate anyway. the point in life and in drugs is to pace yourself. those who cant pace will not win the race, and this will also free up space in the prisons so that is like saving 50 thousand dollar per year per inmate to spend on the good of our country. for instants better schools. putting someone through college. as far as the college thing goes take a person like an ordinary joe maybe high school drop out or graduate. It doesnt matter. everyone has money problems.
lets say joe is broke and has no education so he goes and gets a job at mcdonalds making minimum wage paying minimum taxes working a 40 hour week minimum.
my calculations come to 10,712.00 a year just above poverty level. with taxes taken out 8,569.60 take home. so he is only paying 2,142.40 roughly. over a 20 year period he is roughly paying 42,848.00 in taxes. lets say uncle sam says here joe 50,000.00 to get your ass an education and he goes to college. he gets his BA or BS in whatever. joe gets out gets a job making an average 15.00 an hour. he makes 600.00 a week. making total 31,000.00 a year and after taxes take home is about 24,960.00. he pays 6,040.00 a year in taxes alone. say after 20 year of work he is paying in taxes 120,800.00 minus the 50,000.00 that uncle sam gave him. the 42,848.00 he would have payed working at mcdonalds. he has payed around 30 thousand dollars more in his 20 year working then would have payed without the education.
people would work more than 20 years if they enjoyed thier job. Also the goverment gets over a 20 year span 30,000.00 in taxes that they would have not have gotten,plus all the possesions he would have accumulated over the years like he may be able to afford a house
and a car.
now these figures are without a raise and things like that and i took an average of 20%
for taxes, do the math