The government will NEVER legalize drugs simply because there is NO way that they could control 100% of the creation and distribution of the drug. They would not be able to tax marijuana like they tax cigarettes. Anyone can grow marijuana by spending a little cash on the supplies needed. The people could and would grow it a hundred times stronger than the government would. Hence why would the people buy government grown pot? Which means the government wouldn't make any money off of it. Try growing a tabacco plant in your closet. doesn't work too well does it? That is why cigarettes are legal, and pot isn't. In America in order for the government to give the people something, it has to benefit the powers that be in some way.

In my opinion, yes marijuana should be legal with the exact same restrictions as cigarettes. It won't happen anytime soon with the leaders we have now.

Other drugs... That is a whole nother story. If I ran the world people could do whatever they wanted to their own body as long as they didn't hurt anyone else. If they hurt someone else because of decisions they made whether it be drug related or not, then they would face the consiquences.

I feel that every drug should at least be legal for medical reasons. When it comes to medicine, I feel that if it helps someone who is sick, then it should be used.

Over all, I agree drugs should be legal, but there should be certain restrictions. I won't get into it too much now because I am at work.

Good topic. I love talking about this stuff.