The virii archive?
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Thread: The virii archive?

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    Question The virii archive?

    The virii's in the archive are in the .asm format. Is this som kind of compressed format? or is it ready to use? Or wil I have to uncompress it in some way???

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    Just go here for a nice online library. There used to be a site called SallyOne that had a huge library of malicious code, malware, trojans and virii. It disapeared, so I did some checking. Apparently the gov frowns on domestic sites hosting this type of file on their servers. Some of the foreighn ones even took their archives down. Mostly because of the 911 deal. Under the new computer crime laws, they can actualy label you a terrorist for things as this. Anyway don't get me started on the government being in everybodys business. So here is the link. They have the live virii and source code as well. Be carefull.
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    Thank u! Great site!

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    Thumbs up Thanx

    ......very good site, thx. I've heard that virii are written often in Assembly. How about laguages such as Python and Java script?

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    Re: Thanx

    Originally posted here by haraam77
    How about laguages such as Python and Java script?

    There are quite a few Java Script virii. The one that comes to mind is JS. Seeker. There are a few variants on the original though. It's not malicious and more just a pain in the ass. It cahnges things such as your home page and puts a prOn background in IE. Very simple to remove....

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    But how do we "use" the virii's in the archive here?? for educational purpose offcourse!

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    They are in assembly language and you must compile them. That means getting a compiler.
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