I will like to shake a program call DeepFreeze with you.


This program act like the a system restore. You simply install a computer with all the programs you want that the user use. Then you install DeepFreeze. When you have install DeepFreeze and activate it, it take a image of your hard drive. When you "freeze" the environnement, whatever change is done to the environnement (Install new Program, Change IRQ, etc) is lost when the computer reboot. Everytime you reboot the computer, Windows go back to the state when you freeze the computer. You can also unfreeze a little space of hard drive so the users are able to save their Word or Excel Documents. The key to get their administrator login to unfreeze is very hard to find and it's a very good product that protect himself from lousy administrator with the option to unfreeze the computer for only a number of X reboot.

I suggest that all the system administrator give it a check. It's realy save alot of time repairing computer that user crash.