If you read my post about the ISA server thing, then you've probably guessed it...I'm kinda new at Firewalls. I was recently informed that our firewall is going to be tested. It has been kind of sitting around gathering dust. So I wanted to make sure it looked nice when the tests came through. So as I'm configuring this, I've realized that I'm not going to be able to 'wing it'. Plus I hate doing things half-assed, and I need to have a better understanding about firewalls, and overall security.
I am a Network Administrator right now, and havent really done much along the lines of security. I figure if I'm going to keep the title, its essential that I educate myself in the ways of network security!
So wheres the best place to start? I've been messing around with FW-1 and ISA, but messing around with the app isnt going to help me learn.
What are some books I should read?
The testing is going to be done in a week, so I need to be an expert by then ok? j/k