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    My TPFW Log Analyzer...

    Wow... I can't believe I acturally got around to writing this...

    Ok, here it is... The attached file has 5 files: Readme.txt, TPFWLA Filter.txt, TPFW Log Analyzer.cpp, Log Analyzer DevC.exe, Log Analyzer MSVC.exe...

    What is it?
    This is my Tiny Personal Firewall Log Analyzer! It just finds log entries that do not match words in the filter list...

    What does it do?
    It searches through your TPFW log file, and puts suspecious entries in to its own log file!

    Why do I need it?
    If you have a very busy log file, you know it takes a long time to find some things that are logged. This program lets you filter out certain words, and the entries that don't have them are saved into another log file so you can easily see the important part of the log. Take for example, Gnutella. If you choose to log all denied connects, your log would be full of Gnutella failures... By putting the port number Gnutella uses, it filters out all of those attempts, revealing the attempts it hid!

    Can I trust you?
    Yes, you can ... I've even included the source so you can make it better, etc... I may not be the best programmer (I'm not saying that I am), but at least my programs work. Don't flame me about my programming habits, etc... I tried to leave the program as open as possible, so that you can add stuff to benchmark it by adding code to record the start/end time, how many things logged, etc... I've also precompiled the program on MSVC++ 5.0 and DevC so you can see the differences made from the same code but different compilers...

    Is it free?
    Yes, it is! You may not charage people for this program. Its use is at your own risk!

    Why is this so long?
    I have no clue, really... This has to be habit or something... I should stop asking myself questions ...

    Well, anyways, enjoy this program. The Readme should tell you what to do.


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    thanks i thinnk i might look for one of thoughs i never thought about it before
    so said the raven nevermore

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