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Thread: Whats your job?

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    Well i'm 31 years old & giving tech support(win 98 ME XP NT Wap OS) to clients .We are the biggest ISP in our country and believe me when i'm saying that 70% of our country is illiterate.
    I'f any one got something better please mail me .I'm willing to migrate!
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    Same as blackh0le's(sorry if i spelled wrong).......


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    I am a programmer/software developer for a small software company. Not very exciting work, but it pays the bills!

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    I'm 31 y old working at a bank. I migrated from to be a computer technician to security technician a few years ago (win,*nix, as400, novell, bank systems). The only main difference today is the monthly paycheck and a lots more boring administrative tasks.

    originally posted by cdre
    I'f any one got something better please mail me.I'm willing to migrate!
    The same for me.. I would be happy to change work and even move to a warmer country then Finland .

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    20 years, studying telecommunications at czech technical university faculty of electrical engineering... huh right now I have no job just time to time helping my friends in their pub...

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