Here's the situation: I am on the receiving end of calls from some unknown type of device that can make my phone ring - or something ring in my room - possibly the computer - even when the phone is totally disconnected from the line. That's right. I can disconnect the handset and pull the phone line from the computer (I have a T-splitter) and I still get a ring. It doesn't sound like a true ring, more like a cell phone twitter.

These attacks come in the wee a.m. hours. They are one ring (maybe on the theory that one ring is not a tracable call), and they usually wake me up, as seems to be the intended purpose. The only thing that stops them cold or any phone activity, is when I'm on the Net. I have a single line dialup.

It looks like eventually I may have to go to the authorities and get a court order to find out who is doing this (the attacker has blocked his line so *70 or whatever doesn't work) and what kind of equipment is capable of doing this. The phone company says there might be a bug in my apartment, which I doubt. They also hint at some kind of transmitter but are not forthcoming about this level of security info.

Please, if you have any idea what kind of police, spy or military hardware can do this diabolical thing, which costs me sleep nearly every night, reply to this post. Thanks.