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    wardialing now is kinda on the risky side, DSS5 did a wonderful job of killing it (some people still do it with a random number generation), DSS5 actually logs people that make a large number of calls in a short period of time. (it isn't totally dead, but quite useless).

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    How about an old, forgotten, doorbell that someone could hook up a 12v timer to, or how about a remote controlled wireless bell that could be activated (briefly/intermittently/pre-programmed time like at night when you're trying to sleep), from remote by a battery powered timer, or how about your *real* doorbell? I know of one case where the people complained about neighborhood kids ringing their doorbell at night, we set up remote observation and guess what? The bell was ringing by itself, no kids on the porch at any time. Maybe you could buy-borrow-rent a small bug-detector and if the "bell" had a magnetic field or power supply it would probably find it. Otherwise, "white music" might get you past the interruption. Kind of interesting. I was going to say something like "when I take my medicine the bells don't bother me anymore"..... But decided to be serious instead of my usual tacky sense of humor.

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    What is a remote noise eminator, a "bug?" Also, what is a war dialer? My local service provider wants $160 to check the room for bugs. I'm not ready to fork over that kind of dough just yet. Would a bug be stopped when I'm on the Internet? If so, it can't be that because being online (I have single line dial-up) is the one thing that prevents phone ringing of any variety, and I assume that at times these calls are attempted while I'm online--sometimes very late am hours. Supposing there were a bug or eminator of some sort in my room, what kind of device would be on the other end making the call? I don't have the tools or the expertise to mess around with the outside phone lines. Thanks for your suggestions.

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