Need to clean your hard drive? BCWipe from is a good free space cleaner. Also under the folder once BCWipe is downloaded you can find BCWipePD which works great if you want to wipe the drive completely. Also has NTWipe great for wiping NT boxes. I wrote a presentation defining the steps to take to ensure no information can be recovered, but that is a little intense for the average user. However, to play it safe I would suggest. Once a month (more if you have something to hide) Step 1. Clean all temp folders, Internet Cache and so on. (programs and files also if you don't want them on your PC) Step 2. Empty Recycle Bin Step 3. Run BCWipe with all options checked (You want a program that will wipe Free Space/File Slack/Slack Space) Step 4. Defragment your hard drive Step 5. Run Step 3 Again. This will really help if you have something to hide, and if you just want to play it safe. The average user should do this quarterly. Clears any account information you may have forgot about and so on... Play it safe.... Technology is very complicated.

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