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Thread: FBI....Oh my!!.....lol

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    Wink Ok.......

    Nothing short of a sledge hammer and an intense heat......lol.

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    Use thermite, massive heat (the iron produced in the reaction melts), plenty to burn the drive into nothingness.
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    There are a few tools for defeating most forensic programs. Evidence Elliminator is a nice program that writes to your free sectors and also kills all the little logs and databases that can identify what you have been doing.

    Another is called Santigov. It is actually a secure erasing program that will clean your hard drive and write junk to each sector as many times as you wish.

    However, if the FBI really wants information about you, they probably already have what they need.
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    hmmmm i remember reading in some post that they even managed to recover data from a HD that had not only been formatted and over-written but actually had 6'' nails hammered through it - the only data they couldn't get was that which occupied the place where the nail went through

    btw :echelon3 - HDK is from hackology.com


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    vmn boasts a a million bit encryption... Take no chances, removable media is the way for me..

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    did you know that: CD's/Mag. tapes/Flopyes burn really well? they do....
    Best way to get rid of pesly 1'z and 0'z is flames.....hehe, I'm not a Pyromaniac, I just like setting fire to things....j/k

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    low level format... nope (but you keep believing that) :-)
    shread.... nope
    over writing... nope
    FBI... not a chance - but they know who to give it to15000 deg... maybe...

    better get a can of silver polish and clean wrags and pull the disks to be sure... still, maybe not even then...

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    The procedure for removing a hard drive from a secured area, at least the security level the government enforces on my company, it must go through several stages of formatting and left without power for a full year. At this point they feel secure in the fact that the information is unrecoverable.

    It takes over three months to even get memory out of the vault. Apparently there are methods to read that too.
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    I would suggest building and putting a powerful potential electromagnetic device in your computer. When you plug the computer in, it charges a capacitor. When you unplug (hard power) your device without performing certain precautions, the capacitor discharges into the electromagnetic coil right next to your hard drive.
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    I think massive radition is the way to go...but again how can you obtain such deadly sustance
    except if you work in a nuclear station..Then you could just somehow dump your hd,cd's,floppy's.etc. in the reactor.

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