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    Sep 2001
    Bemidji, Minnesota

    This will be goodbye...

    Well...thanks to someone whose nick rhymes with 'Louie'...tripstone, solid_morph, _____, will be leaving AO for good...I have had enough with all the script-kiddies...no one answering my questions seriously and being permanently banned...goodbye all...i would like to thank everyone that was cool with me...see ya around...not on AO although...
    You can kiss my

    I\'m a loser baby...so why doncha kill me?

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    Token drunken Irish guy
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    Sep 2001
    Good bye Trip, it was good having you around, and I like you to think about reconsidering, you know AO is your home!!!!!!!

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    You just upset that the took down www.antionline.com/tripstone.jpg?

    Whats up man, I haven't been in IRC lately, but obviously something musta happend. Let me know whats going on.
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    I don't know the whole story but, later bro

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    Oct 2001
    We'll miss ya. Good luck in life, and may your rice never be sticky.


    Pierce me with steel, rend me with claw and fang; as I die, a legend is born for another generation to follow.
    An\' it harm none, do as ye will. - Wiccan Rede

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    You'll be back.. every one comes back to AO.
    Even if it's just to read the front page threads
    or get on IRC for a bit.. they always come back.
    Till then, take care..


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    I am a cracker
    Alright man take care pe@ce out

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