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Thread: Sub-7.....

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    Smile Thank u....

    Thank u ...2 all those who replied w/s'thing helpful.......and to hell with the rest.

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    I am a cracker
    I've done many hours of research on subseven. Has anyone here had any personal experience with subseven? Were you infected w/it?....how did you get rid of it? Or....have you used it on someone? I'm interested in hearing details.......flamers need
    I used sub 7 a long time ago it's a pretty good program I used to take over home computers with it.

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    Thumbs up Yes....

    I have found many good sites on sub7....loads of info. Just curious though as to the personal experiences you may have had with it.

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    I remember my first post here was regarding Sub7 and well it was basically a criticism of its uses I think.

    All I wanna say is that if you promote/use/enjoy this 'product' you are childish/foolish/wasting your damn time. How this topic has gotten up to two pages is beyond me.

    It is very rare I get annoyed at these forums, hell my last flame was about 500 posts ago but this has got to stop.

    Remember SECURITY! not SUB7 USERS unite!

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    Question What about Y3k?

    So sub7 Huh? I`m used to y3k and well i`m a script kiddie / craker/ hacker whatever you want to call me i had lots of fun with y3k never tried sub7
    anyway gata run c-ya later
    _-_-_The Lions are coming_-_-_

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    It is better to be HATED for who you are, than LOVED for who you are NOT.

    THC/IP Version 4.2

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    Re: Sub-7.....

    [i] I've done many hours of research on subseven. Has anyone here had any personal experience with subseven?
    how many hours can you put into it nearly every site has it its really really easy to use thats why its so popular yet most kiddies cant get it to work hmmmm whats wrong wit them but yeah i spent a while in dos deleteing the stupid thing how they got it on 7 times i still dont know stupid sister ohh well just sit their and wait then use netstat and have some fun heheh i mean who attacks another computer and not expect a retaliation stupid kids get a firewall if u going to atack my sister hehe well thats it im going to school cya rioter

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    Yeah this is to all that actually took my post seriously and gave me negative points. I would like to say that if your going to give out points even negative ones put your ****ing NAME on it be a man not a pussy. And also I do realize that my since of humor is was maybe to sarcastic and people may not be able to pick it up. (Don't ask my why but I thought it was pretty obvious) anyway. Basically everything I said was common sense and a joke especially the stupid IRC thing.

    mmkay well I hope things chill out.

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    i agree with freeOn put your name on it most of the time i get them for wrong thing and i wanna correct them but can i noooo cuase ur chickens i can understand why jp doesnt make you put your name but seriously put your name on them makes my life eaiser specially when people give them cause they took the article the wrong way etc so as many have said before
    put ur name on the end
    reason - name

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    How about a respected remote administration application, check out VNC from ATT, it's free, powerfull and lightweight.

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