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Thread: linux

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    Your chances are good. go for it and come back to ao for help. I would go with redhat for now but the others are fine as well.

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    Yes Linux is a really powerful operating system I'd suggest downloading and printing
    the small stuff first for basic commands getting around the system so you aren't
    intimidated once you drop into a command line alot of Windows users don't
    like a command line at all they chicken out and headback to Windows98 or WindowsXP
    then write a column for a Windows Websight and say things like Linux isn't ready for the desktop or
    other negative nonsense without giving it a chance There are alot of resources
    on the net you can print out on paper to learn Linux there are also alot of books,
    they range from beginner to real advanced stuff that's written for programmers and
    hackers in mind perl programming, administration, how to build a bridge
    firewall that kind of stuff you can learn Linux from magazines too Linux
    Journal publishes a magazine once a month that has useful stuff...........
    For beginner books I'd suggest Linux for Dummies if your really new
    it comes with a Redhat cd.........


    "Microsoft Windows Chunky Soup with Pasta that eats like a Meal "

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    Linux is always free, or at least every distro will be available for download.

    I recommend Mandrake, for a newbie it's perfect....it sets everything up, gives you the option of KDE or Gnome,
    and from there it's like being in Windows. The reason I recommend this, is because you can then START to use the command line
    without actually needing it. Once you feel more comfortable....you can tweak all to your liking, and change to a more customizable distro

    hope I was of a bit of help
    SlackWare my first, Debian my second....building my box into the ultimate weapon

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    I am prepared to read what i can to learn about linux but i am not totally sure where to start
    I'm reading this right now and it's turning out to be really informative...and easy to understand.

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    well friends, i found this some intersecting- 'Linux'. Even iam planning to install Linux in my box and will like to learn more about Linux.
    if a person wants to learn.... he can learn anything..... just anything....!!!!!!

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