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Thread: some ckp irritations

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    iNViCTuS - do remember you said that in another post but, in looking at sun's site right now I see that sunscreen 3.2 will be pkgd out with solaris 9. Which, of course, is not even released yet. It has been pkg with sol 8 trusted already. I don't see the eol part. Do you have a link? quote"Sun has focused future efforts beyond SunScreen 3.2 towards more fully integrating stateful packet filtering into Solaris rather than producing seperate layered firewall products. This Solaris feature is still under development" Is this what you mean. If so, they are building it into future solaris releases.

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    Actually I heard from a couple of Sun employees a week or so ago. I have also heard from several other people that this is true, but I too have not been able to find it on their site.

    I sure KD can verify this though, because he also told me the same thing.

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    That's what I've been waiting for. So Sunscreen built in to Sol 9. All I can say is SWEET!!!!
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