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    Hey if you have any friend or relations that know anything about Linux get them around, it will help a lot. I am lucky to have a good friend who installed a copy of Linux Mandrake, he had a CD so I didnt even have to download.

    Getting it with some manuals is also recommended.

    Hope that helped but well everyone else gave better info sorry!

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    thank u friends. most of u recommended for Mandrake version. so well, now i am very eager to know more about the Mandrake version. i will start studying about that version.
    if a person wants to learn.... he can learn anything..... just anything....!!!!!!

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    it is unnecessary to read up on it. It has a future named "diskdrake", which will automatically set up your partitions.
    So that's a start, you can use the free space on your HD and install it there.....just start playing with it, that's the only way to learn.
    The beauty of Mandrake, and I guess I can say for RedHat too...is that they install rather quickly.
    So, since you're just starting out, if you should run into mishap (i.e screw up your X setup...hey, we've all done it at some point), you can just do a fresh install. With a 900MHz it takes 7 minutes to install...this will vary with processor speed.
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