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Thread: Wtf?!?!

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    Tell ya what people, I do not appreciate the influx of negative points as well as insults. Just b'cause I speak my mind and stand up for my beliefs doesn't give u the right to send insults like a punk bitch who is too afraid to sign them. I come here to learn all I can from u people on just about anything and everything. If u have a problem with least have the balls to sign ur bitch ass insult. There is no excuse for that kind of **** anyway. If u can't handle someone with different opinions than ur's.....hahahaa....well, u need help.
    Why are you so worried about little green dots, shouldnt you be out hax0ring Windows boxes?

    i totally agree with haram77.

    well said man
    Why did you post other than to get your count up?

    6. Threatening to hack someone is not a smart thing to do...

    I agree with you 100%!

    A lot of these members just see my name and decide to give negative points, because they didn't like some of my threads, from the past or because (they don't like me) half the time they don't even bother reading my material all the way throughly, they are just so quick to respond with such B.S comments etc...I seen it happen to other members here as well
    In an earlier post you told him to **** off now your lickin ass, hypocrite.

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    well put netsyn...
    SlackWare my first, Debian my second....building my box into the ultimate weapon

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    Cracker, I think I should try to explain something to you.

    First off, you come into a security site with an account name like that, you should expect to get some negs. I'm not saying it's right, but you should expect it. Also, I remember a post you wrote recently saying how much you supposedly know, and other members who supposedly know tons as well. Am I correct to assume that the submission with the comment "Unfortunately, you DON'T know your ****." came from? Anyway, I have never seen you do anything to back up your claim that you know tons of stuff, and not all of those members you listed know a whole lot. To me, you seem like nothing more than a boaster. You may not like me, or what I have to say, but I'm not asking you to. I'm merely telling you how I see things.

    Also, making threats and hurling insults is a horrible way to make your point. The best way to make your point is to protest nicely, and prove all the people who don't like you wrong. Trust me, I've been there. You're setting yourself up for an avalanche of negative points. Besides, why do they matter? Little green or red dots mean nothing. They're only there as a frame of reference. Only the simple-minded judge people by the number of positive or negative points they have. It's not anything to worry over. This goes for you too, haraam77.

    And to everybody else that thinks making their antipoint status a public issue will help, STOP IT! It only pisses people off. My god, I'm so sick and tired of reading these lame threads, I could shoot myself.

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    My what an intelligent individual you are!
    Here's a few quotes from your previous post:

    You better practice maximizing security,I am going to hack your ****ing computer
    - Hahaha, that one speaks for it's self.. Do need say more?

    ....**** all these members Proactive, Negative,Remote access, rogue spy
    - Ahem.. There's this feature on AO called 'IGNORE'. If you have a problem with some one why don't you try using that feature. If your not sure how I can teach you.

    I come here to learn all I can from u people on just about anything and everything.
    - Then listen and you may learn a few things.. if that is a possibility.

    If u can't handle someone with different opinions than ur's.....hahahaa....well, u need help.
    - Ok that's being a bit hypocritical. Sounds like you need some help. You can't handle some one having different opinons or disagreeing with you.. get some help.


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    Lol Remote Access!

    And may I say stflook I enjoy your sensical posts a lot, they bring stability to AO!

    Keep it up guys!

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    Why can't we all just get along? Harram77 - I think you should sign your name to the Points you give, Pos and Neg, but if you did, then you would get into a nice little flame antipoints war! Maybe we should not sign any of the posts...

    PS - Harram you did get a raw deal on this man...
    - Jimmy Mac

    Replicants are like any technology, if there not a hazard, its not my problem....

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    I am a cracker
    I would love to see u even TRY to "hack" me u little cracker ... Id love to meet u on IRC oneday so ud have all the info ud need to "try" and "hack" me.well if ur interested in meeting somewhere on IRC id be more then happy to show when ur ready but try to make it soon cause i hate waiting

    And you are who? Seriously though you make me laugh
    "I would love to see u even TRY to "hack" me u little cracker"!
    If you really think you can hack me, then bring it. It will be an honor Any where you wanna meet on IRC you just (PM) me and let me know.It's gonna take intelligence, practice, dedication, and hard work I'm warning you now!
    But copping an attitude with me proves nothing! Attitude is no substitute for competence! I don't consider you a hacker at all. I consider you as a cyberpunk I don't waste my time with people like you but I will make an "exception" this time because I'll be dammed if some 18 year old punk gonna try me like that!

    Besides, why do they matter? Little green or red dots mean nothing. They're only there as a frame of reference. Only the simple-minded judge people by the number of positive or negative points they have. stflook
    I think they do matter because I can not post any more new threads. I can only post reply's. Thats not kool!

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    Haraam77 -
    As far as I know, the only thing that I felt necessary to assign you points for was when you started being a bigot in your porn thread. I do not care if you personally do not like homosexuals, but using derogatory terms only show that you don't care if other people "speak their mind." There is no reason to insult a group of people just because you have a hair up your butt. Might I suggest being less offensive to large amounts of the populace? If all you do is attack people, they are going to be defensive and treat you as you have treated them. And all that leads to is one big cycle of annoying flames.

    I am a Cracker -
    I have much the same to say to you. I only take offense at your love at being an infantile twit. I grinned when I saw that one of my comments was on your list. I didn't realize that someone that can dish it out so well, is far too weak to take it. Yes, I did say "Quit your bitching, you twit". And I distinctly remember clicking on your profile and reading a large portion of your posts, and that is all you had been doing. So take it less directed at that particular thread, and aim it at how you have been behaving (or mis-behaving) in general. I rarely assign negative points, the only reason I ever do is if someone is constantly being a pain in the butt, or if they say something that really irritates me. Once I assigned you negative points, for a history of being a pain in the butt, in a thread in which you were constantly being a pain, and it was a thread that would have probably gone away eventually if you would have stopped being a pain. I think I am perfectly justified in giving you negative points. But, since you put it there it made me think, that, all of my other comments aren't personal attacks, yet the one to you was. That made me wonder, why if I manage to not get personal with every other person, then I couldn't not get personal with you. It was because all I have ever read of you is you attacking other people. Not their ideas, which is what free speech is about, but the people. And I realized, that I don't have a problem with your ideas (when you actually present one, other than just swearing at people).

    Now, I am going to ignore you, and hope that you go away. Maybe when you grow up and can speak your mind without ripping down everyone in proximity to you, I will start listening to you, but until then you have sufficiently biased me against you. Did you hear and understand that? You biased me against you. Not other peoples reactions to you, your swearing and carrying on just plain put me off.

    Your childish threats of "hacking" me do not worry me. Maybe at recess you can push me off the tire-swing, steal my milk money too. I mean wtf, act like a child, get treated like one.

    I can't believe that you managed to get under my skin, once again. But it won't happen again.

    I'm done,

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    Wow who else fears the skills of I am A Wanker?

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    Ok Im going to be brief as I can.

    I think it would bewise if nobody replied to this thread and it slipped off the main page.

    It is merely a flame war and of no value!

    I am a Cracker and NetSyn please dont get on IRC to 'hack' each other, that is pointless, it is merely destruction we are here to create and leann not to destroy and look better than each other.

    You both have nothing to prove to us or each other, simply show us your knowledge and we shall be impressed and help others out by solving problems.

    Please this is such a sad thing to see at AntiOnline.

    At least take into consideration my words!

    Thanks you for reading,

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